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Book Review: ‘Religious Freedom in Islam: The Fate of a Universal Human Right in the Muslim World Today’ by Daniel Philpott

Review by Paul Marshall
In the West and elsewhere, views of Islam are sharply divided. To put the matter far too simply, one side describes Islam as a “religion of peace,” while the other contends that it is particularly disposed to violence. Similar strife occurs in debates about law, democracy, religious freedom, and other human rights in the Muslim-majority world. In Religious Freedom in Islam: The Fate of a Universal Human Right in the Muslim World Today, Daniel Philpott avoids inflammatory labels like “Islamophobic,” instead framing the debate as a contest between “Islamopluralists” and “Islamoskeptics.”
Philpott, one of the world’s leading scholars of religion and politics (and especially of religious freedom), hopes that even if these arguments cannot be resolved, ...

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In New Book, R. Albert Mohler Jr. Explains Why The Apostles’ Creed is Above All Other Church Statements and Confessions

SBTS photo
Among all the statements and confessions in the history of the church, the Apostles’ Creed stands above them all, R. Albert Mohler Jr. writes in a new book seeking to rekindle a love for the creed nearly 2,000 years after its writing.
Recited in churches of all traditions and varieties across the world — and in every commencement ceremony at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary — the Apostles’ Creed has long been considered the basic teaching of Christianity.
It is much more than a historical document but a deeply compelling and transformative link between Christians old and new, Mohler, president of Southern Seminary, writes in “The Apostles’ Creed: Discovering Authentic Christianity in an Age of Counterfeits,” released by Thomas Nelson publishers.
As the oldest creed in Chris...

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Jonathan Merritt on His New Book ‘Learning to Speak God From Scratch’

Ed Stetzer: I am glad to welcome Jonathan Merritt to The Exchange. Jonathan is one of America’s most prolific religion and culture writers. Yesterday we started our conversation. You can view that exchange here. Today, we dive deeper into his new book, Learning to Speak God from Scratch.

Ed: You talked a lot about the importance of learning to speak of God, particularly as you went from the South to NYC. How did that change impact your relationships in NYC?
Jonathan: When I moved to New York City, I encountered an unexpected language barrier. I could still speak English, but I could no longer speak God. I couldn’t have free-flowing conversations on spirituality and faith because I was encountering people who practiced different faiths or none at all.
And even many of my Christian friend...

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“Judas Church” Novella Addresses Controversial Issues in the Church from the Perspective of a New Believer Coming to the Christian Faith

Judas Church, a novella by Daniel Whyte III with Daniel D.P. Whyte IV, tackles current issues in the church such as the prosperity gospel, false teaching, and acceptance of homosexuality from the perspective of a new believer trying to follow Jesus who finds out that the church doesn’t always line up with the Bible.

Jaidon York just graduated from college. He’s the privileged son of a wealthy businessman. He likes fast cars. (He has three of them.) And he’s just taking his baby steps in his new Christian faith.
Shortly after his decision to follow Christ, he is stunned to discover that not all people who call themselves Christians really live like they say they believe. On top of that, it seems like the church he begins to attend is not really as committed to Christ as it should be.

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“After These Things”: New Book Examines Powerful Life Lessons from the Aftermath of Jesus’ Resurrection

Every Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated in churches around the globe. But how many believers really know what the resurrection means for their daily lives? In a new book, After These Things: Powerful Life Lessons from the Aftermath of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, national bestselling author Daniel Whyte III discusses eight specific ways the Resurrection impacted individuals, the Church, and the world.
Whyte said, “Nearly everyone would agree that a man being raised from the dead after three days in a cold grave deserves our attention. It deserves all of the books that have been written, all of the movies and television shows that have been made, and all of the songs written and sung about it...

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Pastor & Former Pres. Of Texas Southern Baptists Terry Turner Releases New Book ‘God’s Amazing Grace: Reconciling Four Centuries of African American Marriages and Families’

MESQUITE, Texas (BP) — Terry Turner understands the value of knowing African American history by having seen the importance of discovering his own family’s history.
Turner, a past president of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, began looking into African American history as part of his doctoral research and discovered a connection between his story and the larger story of African Americans.
He was introduced to the research of Harvard sociology professor Orlando Patterson who examined the links between the breakdown of African American families today and slavery.
“Patterson brought to my attention that the greatest problem that African Americans were given from slavery is a history of disconnected fathers and husbands,” said Turner, whose own research and story became the basis of ...

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Christian Disaster Psychologist Jamie Aten to Release New Book ‘A Walking Disaster: What Surviving Katrina and Cancer Taught Me About Faith and Resilience’

Disaster psychologist Jamie Aten, right, listens to a survivor of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, in September 2017. Photo courtesy of Jamie Aten
At the turn of a new year, people often anticipate weddings, births, reunions, a promotion or other joys. Few greeted 2019 this week by counting on a flooded home or a dreaded cancer diagnosis.
Even Jamie Aten, a disaster psychologist who founded the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College, wasn’t prepared for the news he received in 2013, when his doctor told him he had Stage IV colon cancer. Only 35, he had a wife and three young daughters. His academic career had just begun.
But as his oncologist told him, “You’re in for your own personal kind of disaster.”

Image courtesy of Templeton Press

Indeed, Aten would come to see...

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Award-winning Gospel Artist Jonathan McReynolds Shows Readers How to Make Room for Faith Outside of the Church in Debut Book, “Make Room: Finding Where Faith Fits”

Jonathan McReynolds teaches us how to make room for our faith outside of the four walls of the church in new book.

Make Room: Finding Where Faith Fits, is the debut book from the award-winning Gospel artist. Drawing from the testimony of Scripture and the author’s personal experience, Make Room serves as an approachable, witty guide to readers who find themselves enriched by the church-going experience, but struggling to integrate faith into their everyday existence.
“Unfortunately, making room for God is often the last thing we think of as we work to develop, broaden and solidify our lives,” McReynolds explains. “We will go to school, make money, marry, and still feel like there has got to be more than this. We look back on our choices and wonder if God was in them...

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The Winners Of The 2018 Kirkus Prizes

The 2018 Kirkus Prize winners (from left to right): Severance, by Ling Ma; Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut, by Derrick Barnes and Gordon C. James; Call Them by Their True Names, by Rebecca Solnit.Farrar, Straus and Giroux; Agate Bolden; Haymarket Books
Three books have emerged with one of the world’s most lucrative literary awards. At a ceremony Thursday in Austin, Texas, judges named the winners of the Kirkus Prize — the select few plucked from among 1,193 books published in the past year.

Ling Ma’s novel Severance took home the prize for fiction. Call Them by Their True Names, an essay collection by Rebecca Solnit, won in the nonfiction category...

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“In Search of Thanksgiving”: A Young Teenager Searches for Things to be Thankful For

In Search of Thanksgiving, a serial novel being written by Danae, Daniqua, and Danyelle Whyte, tells the story of 14-year-old Kristopher Chapel who deliberately searches for things to be thankful for in the midst of trying times.
His extended family’s dysfunction, his challenges at school, his parents’ potential break-up, and his mother’s possible mental illness could become weights that drag him down. But he determines to pull through by following his grandmother’s advice and finding things to be thankful for every day.
The serial novel is available to read for free on and other outlets online.
Danae Whyte is a graduate of Liberty University and works in the ministry of Gospel Light Society International, with her siblings Daniqua and Danyelle.
Source: Black Christian...

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