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Jeff Christopherson on Why We Need Christians Marked by the Living Presence of Christ

“Follow me, as I follow Christ,”[1] seems like a pretty audacious statement to make for the average modern-day church leader. It presupposes that the things that I spend my time doing, if carefully imitated,[2] would have a kingdom revealing affect[3]. It presumes a level of spiritual integrity that is wide open to personal inspection and private scrutiny. It is the quintessential call of disciple-making in its original first-century intent. And it is as foreign to most twenty-first century evangelicals as a medium-rare filet mignon in a church potluck. In theory we believe its possible, but we’ve never seen it.
Now we have more modest goals...

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In New Book, R. Albert Mohler Jr. Explains Why The Apostles’ Creed is Above All Other Church Statements and Confessions

SBTS photo
Among all the statements and confessions in the history of the church, the Apostles’ Creed stands above them all, R. Albert Mohler Jr. writes in a new book seeking to rekindle a love for the creed nearly 2,000 years after its writing.
Recited in churches of all traditions and varieties across the world — and in every commencement ceremony at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary — the Apostles’ Creed has long been considered the basic teaching of Christianity.
It is much more than a historical document but a deeply compelling and transformative link between Christians old and new, Mohler, president of Southern Seminary, writes in “The Apostles’ Creed: Discovering Authentic Christianity in an Age of Counterfeits,” released by Thomas Nelson publishers.
As the oldest creed in Chris...

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Tish Warren Harrison: Willow Creek’s Crash Shows Us Why Denominations Still Matter

The main campus of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Ill. The megachurch has been in turmoil since sexual misconduct allegations came to light against its founder, Bill Hybels. Photo courtesy of Global Leadership Summit
It’s become common among some Protestants — and especially evangelicals — to call themselves “Jesus followers.”
Not Christians. Not Baptists or Pentecostals. Not members of the Presbyterian Church in America or the Anglican Communion. Not Wesleyans or Methodists or Lutherans.
Just people following Jesus.

I appreciate the spirit behind the moniker.
Christians want our first loyalty to be to Jesus, not a particular institution or tradition...

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Christians Demand Walmart Take Down Valentine’s Day-Themed Dating Ad Featuring Homosexual Couple and Urge Company to ‘Remain Neutral in Culture War’

More than 137,300 people have signed a petition urging Walmart to take down its gay dating ad.
Last month, Walmart launched a Valentine’s Day themed ad campaign called “Love Is in the Aisle: A Dating Show at Walmart,” which had three episodes, one of which included a same-sex couple (watch here).
In a petition started last week, the socially conservative American Family Association denounced the ad and called on Walmart to “remain neutral in culture war” and “remove pro-homosexual promotional video.”
“For most Christians and other traditionalists, the idea that marriage is between a man and a woman is sacred...

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Mark Atteberry: 5 Illusions That Will Lead Christians Straight Into Sexual Sin

NOTE: This article is an excerpt from The Solomon Seduction: What You Can Learn From the Wisest Fool in the Bible by Pastor Mark Atteberry.
King Solomon is known for many things, but let’s not kid ourselves; it’s the women that blow our minds.
The man had a mindboggling 700 wives and 300 concubines. I’m pretty sure that no one who reads this article is ever going to have a thousand wives and mistresses, but many will be tangled up in an illicit romantic relationship, or at least heading in that direction.
Consider these five illusions and take them as a dire warning. They are at the heart of every church leader’s descent into sexual sin.
Illusion #1: That which seems harmless is actually dangerous.
What seems harmless?
Married people do it all the time, sometimes wit...

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“Judas Church” Novella Addresses Controversial Issues in the Church from the Perspective of a New Believer Coming to the Christian Faith

Judas Church, a novella by Daniel Whyte III with Daniel D.P. Whyte IV, tackles current issues in the church such as the prosperity gospel, false teaching, and acceptance of homosexuality from the perspective of a new believer trying to follow Jesus who finds out that the church doesn’t always line up with the Bible.

Jaidon York just graduated from college. He’s the privileged son of a wealthy businessman. He likes fast cars. (He has three of them.) And he’s just taking his baby steps in his new Christian faith.
Shortly after his decision to follow Christ, he is stunned to discover that not all people who call themselves Christians really live like they say they believe. On top of that, it seems like the church he begins to attend is not really as committed to Christ as it should be.

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Southern Baptist Pres. JD Greear Says ‘White Privilege’ Exists; Christians Must Work to Ensure All People Have Equal Rights

In a culture where “white privilege” exists, Christians must work to ensure that all members of society have access to the same rights, Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear said.
In a recent podcast, Grear, who is also the pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, answered the question, “Is white privilege real?” by acknowledging that while all Americans have access to the same laws and rights, “there’s this kind of invisible set of assets that I get from being a part of the majority culture.”
The pastor said that after talking with many of his “brothers and sisters of color,” he came to understand the issue on a deeper level...

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John Piper Lists Circumstances When Failure to Read the Bible Becomes Sinful for Christians

Theologian John Piper listed several circumstances in which failure to read the Bible becomes sinful for Christians.

“Diminishing Bible reading and meditation is becoming sinful when it is owing to a loss of desperation for what the Bible alone can give,” he warned.
Piper, the former pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, was responding to a question asked on Ask Pastor John by someone who was concerned that his friends and other Christians, particularly in the West, are spending little to no time reading the Bible. “When does a lack of Bible reading become sin?”
The theologian explained, “Wherever diminishing Bible reading is owing to a loss of desperation for seeing God, trusting God, rejoicing in God, and holiness — as if those these things don’t matter or can be...

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Justin Steckbauer: How to Share the Gospel With the LGBT Community Using Wesley’s Quadrilateral

How can we as Christians minister and carry the gospel to the LGBT community? Let us consider this difficult issue, which centers around gender, homosexuality, gay marriage, and past hurts through the lenses of Wesley’s Quadrilateral. The quadrilateral is a time tested tool for discerning difficult issues from a multi-pronged approach.

First of all, let’s consider the pressures within the churches right now regarding theology, and the desire to change theology to embrace gay marriage. This is a present issue for many faith traditions in the west at this point in history. There are several faith traditions that have flipped their positions on gay marriage, such as the PCUSA (Presbyterians), the ELCA (Lutherans), and the MCGB (Methodists)...

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8 Life Reminders From 2018 for Christians

by Chuck Lawless
We still have several days to go in this year—which means that life could still bring difficulty and/or great joy even before a new year begins.
Nevertheless, here are eight life reminders that have grabbed my attention this year:

Life really is precarious. The unexpected and tragic deaths of my friends and teammates, Randy and Kathy Arnett, in the spring of this year reminded me of this truth. Even still today, I find email exchanges I had with them. Pam and I miss them.
Health is a gift. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The doctors continue to watch it closely, but God has been graciously faithful to take care of me. With every regular checkup, I’m reminded of His grace.
All of us—that is, every one of us—is susceptible to a fall...

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