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Facebook Plans to Launch ‘GlobalCoin’ Cryptocurrency in 2020

The setting up of a digital payments system in a dozen countries would allow Facebook users to make purchases or transfer money without needing a bank account. Photograph: Loïc Venance/AFP/Getty Images
Facebook is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency in early 2020, allowing users to make digital payments in a dozen countries.
The currency, dubbed GlobalCoin, would enable Facebook’s 2.4 billion monthly users to change dollars and other international currencies into its digital coins. The coins could then be used to buy things on the internet and in shops and other outlets, or to transfer money without needing a bank account.
Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chief executive of Facebook, last month met the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, to discuss the plans, according ...

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WATCH LIVE: President Donald Trump Delivers 2019 State of the Union

When and what time is Trump delivering the 2019 State of the Union?
President Donald Trump is scheduled to appear before a joint session of the 116th Congress in the chamber of the House of Representatives to deliver the 2019 State of the Union address on Feb. 5, at 9 p.m.

How can I watch this year’s SOTU?
All major networks and cable news channels will broadcast the speech live. The White House will stream it live on its website, as will news networks through Facebook.
How long is the speech?
Trump’s first State of the Union address, delivered last January, was the third-longest ever delivered, clocking in at 1 hour and 20 minutes.
That’s a near-historic amount of time, and just nine minutes shy of the overall record, which goes to President Bill Clinton’s final State of the Union addre...

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EU Steps Up Campaign Against Russian ‘Fake News’ Ahead of Elections Next Year

European Commissioner for Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip, left, and European Commissioner for Justice Vera Jourova participate in a media conference at EU headquarters in Brussels, Wednesday Dec. 5, 2018. The European Commission on Wednesday reported on an Action Plan to counter disinformation and the progress achieved so far. (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)
European Union authorities want internet companies including Google, Facebook and Twitter to file monthly reports on their progress eradicating “fake news” campaigns allegedly backed by Russia from their platforms ahead of elections next year.
Officials from the EU’s executive Commission unveiled the measures Wednesday as part of an action plan to counter disinformation in the lead up to the continent-wide vote in the spring...

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Facebook Admits COO Sheryl Sandberg Directed Staff to Dig for Dirt On George Soros After he Criticized Social Giant

Facebook stressed its COO Sheryl Sandberg “never directed research on Freedom from Facebook,” one of the main groups a conservative-linked PR firm it hired sought to undermine. | Jose Luis Magana/AP Photo
Facebook acknowledged Thursday night that chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg asked staff for information on billionaire George Soros’ financial activity, the latest development in the controversy over the company’s efforts to scrutinize and undermine critics.
Sandberg “sent an email asking if Mr. Soros had shorted Facebook’s stock” while the company was researching the motivations behind the philanthropist’s criticisms of Silicon Valley, a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement provided to POLITICO.
Facebook earlier this year hired political communications firm Definers Public Aff...

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Photo of Four Boys Stopping for the National Anthem Goes Viral

Mike Ullery Jr. was rushing to a high school football game in Midland, Michigan, on Friday when he witnessed a patriotic act that stopped him in his tracks. As national anthem started playing, his kids ran ahead to get to the game. But four other kids, all students at Bullock Creek High School, did not run. They stopped in the middle of the parking lot.

As the anthem began to blare, four teenage boys showed their respect for the song and took their hats off to salute the flag. Ullery was surprised by their patriotism and decided to take a photo of the young men.
“I was impressed by these Bullock Creek boys. Running late to the game they heard the national anthem and stopped, took off their hats and placed hands over heart,” he wrote in a Facebook caption accompanying the photo. “Respect.”

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California Church Plans to Build Brewery and Serve Beer During Services

A California church sold their church building and relocated in a new space where beer is served and plans are underway to build a brewery where church services can occur.

“We decided to sell the building, because for us a church is a community and a movement,” pastor Chris VanHall, who leads The Greater Purpose Community Church in Santa Cruz, California, told the NBC affiliate in the Bay Area last week.
“It’s not brick and mortar.”
VanHall’s church community ended up in a food lounge complete with several beer options, a move that reportedly gained them new followers.
He added: “There’s nothing in the Bible that says you can’t drink alcohol in a responsible manner.”
Food lounge owner Andrea Mollenauer, whose business is hosting the church thinks it is a great idea.
“Why not serve beer whe...

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WATCH: Jada Pinkett Smith Comforts Over 4 Million People by Being Honest About her Struggles With Sex, Drunkenness, and Drugs; Sadly, More People in the Church Should be Honest About Such Matters; But, Where Jada Takes People is Where the Church Should be There to Pick Them Up

In a new episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Red Table Talk” Facebook Watch series (click here to watch), the actress is characteristically candid when discussing her history of addictions, including sex, alcohol and fitness.
“My sort of addictions jump, they jump around,” she says in the episode. “When I was younger, I definitely think I had a sex addiction of some kind, yes, that everything could be fixed by sex.”
As for her struggles with drinking, “I remember reaching a rock bottom that time I was in the house by myself and I had those two bottles of wine and was going for the third bottle,” she says. “And I was like, ‘Now hold up. You’re in this house by yourself going onto your third bottle of wine? You might have a problem.’”
“So I went cold turkey,” she continued...

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Soldier Missing from Florida National Guard Base Found Dead in Wooded Area

A soldier who disappeared earlier this week from a Florida National Guard base has been found dead, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office said Friday. The sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post that Specialist Cayln McLemore’s death is now being investigated as an “undetermined death investigation.”

McLemore was found in a wooded area of Camp Blanding, police said. McLemor of the Alabama Army Reserve was participating in a land navigation assignment on Wednesday at 11 a.m., but did not return, CBS Gainesville affiliate WGFL reports.
Rescue agencies across the state joined in the search effort for McLemore, including the Ocala Fire Rescue and Marion County Fire Rescue. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office told WGFL that over 450 men and women had volunteered to help in the search.
Officials said ...

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Japanese Man Who Lost 9 Fingers to Frostbite While Trying to Climb Mount Everest Dies on Eigth Attempt

A celebrated Japanese climber who lost all but one finger to frostbite on Everest has died on his eighth attempt to reach the summit, officials said Monday.

Nobukazu Kuriki had fallen ill and was descending when his team lost contact with him. The 36-year-old is the third climber this month to perish on the world’s highest peak.
“Kuriki stopped responding to radio communication and we couldn’t see his headlamp when we looked up from the bottom in the dark,” his team posted on Facebook.
“(The) team near Camp 2 climbed up his route to search for him and discovered Kuriki who passed away due to low body temperature.”
Late Sunday Kuriki had reached 7,400 metres, pushing beyond three of the four camps that mark the route to the 8,848 metre (29,029 foot) summit.
“Now I feel the pain and difficul...

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