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WATCH: Eric Bolling is Back: Criticizes Media Matters for Blasting his New Sinclair TV Show as ‘Worst of Right-Wing Media’

Eric Bolling, America This Week (Screengrab)
Before America This Week host Eric Bolling aired his interview with President Donald Trump, he took a few moments to respond to a recent story from Media Matters — titled “Eric Bolling’s new show for Sinclair Broadcast Group brings the worst of right-wing media to local news” — which blasted his show that now airs on Sinclair.
“In a sign of Sinclair’s increasing willingness to adopt the Fox News model of poisoning viewers against any other news sources, much of the first hour-long program was devoted to decrying so-called media bias against President Donald Trump,” Media Matters wrote.

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SOURCE: Julio Rosas, Mediaite
Source: Black Christian News

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