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Cory Booker Criticized by LGBT Activists for Speaking at Evangelical, Anti-LGBT Willow Creek Community Church’s Global Leadership Summit in 2011

Newark Mayor Cory Booker opens the Newark Peace Education Summit early Friday, May 13, 2011, in Newark, N.J. The three-day summit on the power of nonviolence will include Nobel laureates, international leaders, local anti-violence activists and the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader the Dalai Lama. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)
After declining to speak at a Christian conservative gathering this week, Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., is facing pushback for previously speaking at an Illinois megachurch known for its biblical stance on sexuality and marriage.
The senator released last week 10 years’ worth of tax returns, which showed that he made about $1.7 million in speaking engagements over the course of five years from 2009 to 2013...

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“Judas Church” Novella Addresses Controversial Issues in the Church from the Perspective of a New Believer Coming to the Christian Faith

Judas Church, a novella by Daniel Whyte III with Daniel D.P. Whyte IV, tackles current issues in the church such as the prosperity gospel, false teaching, and acceptance of homosexuality from the perspective of a new believer trying to follow Jesus who finds out that the church doesn’t always line up with the Bible.

Jaidon York just graduated from college. He’s the privileged son of a wealthy businessman. He likes fast cars. (He has three of them.) And he’s just taking his baby steps in his new Christian faith.
Shortly after his decision to follow Christ, he is stunned to discover that not all people who call themselves Christians really live like they say they believe. On top of that, it seems like the church he begins to attend is not really as committed to Christ as it should be.

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“After These Things”: New Book Examines Powerful Life Lessons from the Aftermath of Jesus’ Resurrection

Every Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated in churches around the globe. But how many believers really know what the resurrection means for their daily lives? In a new book, After These Things: Powerful Life Lessons from the Aftermath of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, national bestselling author Daniel Whyte III discusses eight specific ways the Resurrection impacted individuals, the Church, and the world.
Whyte said, “Nearly everyone would agree that a man being raised from the dead after three days in a cold grave deserves our attention. It deserves all of the books that have been written, all of the movies and television shows that have been made, and all of the songs written and sung about it...

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Why Believing the Prosperity Gospel Will Only Make Us More Depressed

Image: Tracy Scollon / Lightstock
One of the most common suspicions around the prosperity gospel is that it takes advantage of the sick and poor by overstating promises of blessings that may not come.
New research suggests that Americans with poor physical health and low socioeconomic status are particularly inclined to look to the Bible for insights into attaining “health and wealth”— an aspect of prosperity gospel teaching—even though doing so often ends up making them feel worse.
“At first glance, it might seem unsurprising to learn that people who experience certain deprivations and stressors are more likely to turn to scripture for relevant guidance,” wrote sociologists Reed DeAngelis, John Bartowski, and Xiahe Xu in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

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Award-winning Gospel Artist Jonathan McReynolds Shows Readers How to Make Room for Faith Outside of the Church in Debut Book, “Make Room: Finding Where Faith Fits”

Jonathan McReynolds teaches us how to make room for our faith outside of the four walls of the church in new book.

Make Room: Finding Where Faith Fits, is the debut book from the award-winning Gospel artist. Drawing from the testimony of Scripture and the author’s personal experience, Make Room serves as an approachable, witty guide to readers who find themselves enriched by the church-going experience, but struggling to integrate faith into their everyday existence.
“Unfortunately, making room for God is often the last thing we think of as we work to develop, broaden and solidify our lives,” McReynolds explains. “We will go to school, make money, marry, and still feel like there has got to be more than this. We look back on our choices and wonder if God was in them...

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White House Hosts 100 Evangelical Leaders for Prayer-filled State Dinner

About 100 evangelical leaders were invited to dinner at the White House Monday night for what was a prayer-filled event that’s been compared to a church camp meeting and a campaign rally.

Dubbed a “state dinner” for evangelical leaders, the event was held specifically in the “honor of evangelical leadership.” The dinner was attended by dozens of evangelical pastors, evangelists and activists who’ve been involved in informally advising the administration including well-known figures like Franklin Graham, James Dobson, and Greg Laurie.
The dinner was also attended by Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of Homeland Security Ben Carson, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Alex Azar and Ambassador at-Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback...

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What a Sixth-Century Monk Can Teach Us About Humility

In sixth-century Europe, unprecedented chaos gripped the dying remnants of the Roman Empire. As Europe entered a period of political chaos and moral decline, a young Christian by the name of Benedict started a movement that would radically reshape Christian habits of life for more than a millennium.
His primary contribution was fairly basic, perhaps even pedestrian: He offered a clear and orderly way to organize Christian monasteries, penning what came to be known as The Rule, which detailed how monasteries should run, down to meal times and organization charts...

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3 Spiritual Vitality Warning Signs for Pastors

Discipleship is core to what we do as a church.
However, discipleship represents something much more than a program. Discipleship is something bigger than an institution that “organizes” a process for spiritual growth. 
We are the church, and we are disciples!
That represents a significant challenge; how to organize something in the natural realm that inherently belongs in the supernatural realm.
This is a huge subject. And, I’d like to focus on a specific slice of the discipleship arena, centering on these three questions:

How do you as the pastor live above the warning signs?
How do you as the pastor personally fit into a process of discipleship?
How do you as the pastor or church staff member, develop your spiritual vitality?

One “simple” answer is, “participate in a small g...

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